This is a blog that comes from the process of making the film – Considering Democracy. I previously traveled around the world asking people what they thought of the United States. After returning, I began the editing process and realized that I needed to understand why the United States was different from the other developed countries that have a representative democracies.

The United States has a powerful multinational-corporate-based aspect within its political and lawmaking process. This power has has stemmed from the notion that corporations have “personhood rights”. These ‘rights’ have been expanded and accelerated throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s so that certain large corporations control more of the media and more aspects of our social and economic lives as individuals and within our communities than ever before in American history. At the same time, the almost ubiquitous corporate aspect has intertwined and lodged itself withing the U.S. government, causing national and foreign policy to shift dramatically toward profit-based goals over the rights of people and communities both within the United States and abroad. Because the United States has also undergone media concentration and conglomeration, there is less debate, less education about issues and more emotionally driven people that simply yell or try to intimidate ideas from being exchanged. It is currently possible for corporate interests to disguise themselves as nonprofits groups entitled something similar to “Americans United for Private Healthcare” or “Hands Off My Healthcare” to muddy the debate while emotionally dividing the American People.

This blog seeks to bring in different aspects of debate that are often ignored by the mainstream media. It hopes to widen the scope of discussion in the United States. It does take a stand. It believes that while corporations and businesses are necessary for societies to function, corporations should not have “personhood rights”. They should not be able to send money, through any channel, to create or influence laws designed for People, especially after the People have voted representatives into office. It believes that the nation and state exists within the bounds of democracy to protect the People that make up its citizenry. Just things to think about.

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