Great U.S. Social Services that benefit All the People – and Profiteering Private Health Insurance

The United States is currently the only first world, developed country that doesn’t have a health insurance policy for all its citizens. This actually goes against much of its existing policy and against the spirit of democracy. The United States does have other efficient social services that benefit all of its members. The existing social services have helped to build America’s economic status, because it is in healthy, safe, societies that commerce can thrive. One of these services is the the well developed road system. All people are able to use the roads to get around the community. Exceptions to this are toll roads and paid parking. Roads are a type of social infrastructure that have stimulated commerce and contributed toward the United States’ overall economic wealth.

Fire Departments are an example of a services that benefits all citizens - indeed, all people in society. It is a socialized service.

The United States also has a fairly sophisticated, efficient and appreciated local police departments. These departments tend to benefit all society, and indeed, most department squad cars have it written on them, “To Protect and Serve”. In addition, fire departments in the United States are also among the world’s best. They continue to have the best equipment and continue to operate for the general betterment of society. American citizens do not need a private insurance policy to receive police or fire department services. All citizens are also able to utilize a national 911 call number that efficiently dispatched the appropriate emergency service. These socialized services benefit all members of society and are amoung the world’s best in regard to efficiency.

The nice efficiency in United States starts to falter when the healthcare system and its statistics are looked at. Indeed, statistics for the United States in healthcare are in rapid decline, heading toward third world levels. A major contributor to this phenomena is the private health insurance policy. It is rumored that health insurance companies would like to offer police and fire insurance if they are victorious in keeping the archaic, inefficient, yet highly profitable private health insurance policies in place within the United States. What direction will America go in?

U.S. Social Services benefit all while U.S. Private Health Insurance only benefit some. (Private health insurance also have ridiculously high profit margins, only benefit some in society, and sets up a system for catastrophic destruction. They are fighting hard and are utilizing fear and other trickery to fool the U.S. population into keeping the system as it currently is.)

The United States should have a public or national plan of health insurance. Something to think about. This debate will be continued…

One thought on “Great U.S. Social Services that benefit All the People – and Profiteering Private Health Insurance

  1. WhitemoonG

    Your presentation, as usual, is very well written, contends for your point of view with enthusiasm and passion, all of which is fine in a Democracy of course, but sadly, it seems (as is predictable with too many left leaning commentators) to be based on the usual, endlessly repeated comments and conclusions many leftists purvey over and over in response concerning “facts” that aren’t.

    Example: Insurance companies are bad, raking in outrageous profit margins, “obscene profits,” ( madame Pelosi’s ever ). Right? WRONG! An ineresting analyst wrote an article in USA today, that amazingly actually made it into print, laying out the real data and facts, pointing out that the average profit margin of private insurers in the USA, including all the big ones, is mmm guess what? 70%? 38%? 17%?

    Answer: a whopping 3%!! Wow, raking in an unconscionable THREE percent! Surprised?

    This data is available, and has been, including Yahoo finance, but you’ll never hear it on CBS, of from Rachel Maddow of the always incensed Ed Schultz, It’s too easy for the dominant media to never dispassionately highlight such obviously basic factual information which should be considered in any honest debate.

    By the way, the USA today author’s piece wasn’t present long in their archives before being scrubbed.

    Would it surprise you to know another basic FACT, that Medicare/Medicaid, through their contracted management subsidiaries like CIGNA, for one, DENY coverage of medical care or procedures FAR MORE often that the supposedly evil, greedy private insurers.

    Just to be clear, like anything involving thousands of people and large operating budgets, private insurers are far from lilly white and problem free. But if not for EXCESS GOVERNMENT controls, they would be in greater competition across state lines with each other, which would further lower costs and improve efficiency by necessity. And, they would be able to be far more flexible in setting up variable coverage plans tailored to each person’s needs and desires. Namely, hundreds of thousands of men would have the option to pay lower premiums for coverage that does not included, overtly or covertly, premium support for pregnancy, flexible that private insurers often have to inform people that they cannot allow, due to GOVERNMENT STRAIGHTJACKET regulations. Numerous other examples of government regs making it difficult for private insurers to reduce costs via better flexibility are out there .

    But, advocating that huge layers of new, rarely accountable government bureaucrats and bureacracies are the magic answer to everying, is the height of lollipopland naievete..

    Ever work as a medical provider trying to keep up with ever changing medicare regs, shrinking reimbursement each year for the same work, having to try to hire yet more employees simply to try to keep up with the byzantine regs and requirements of Medicare alone? If you ever have the pleasure, your rosy assumptoms about government nirvana won’t last until lunchtime.


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