Healthcare for Americans, please

Wouldn’t it be cool if Americans had the choice to have a low cost health insurance option that would allow all people to be covered – just like all the other developed countries? Let’s hope that this administration will care for its People, as opposed to catering to insurance corporations. Start making your videos and embed and send them to others, including our dear Representatives. Talk to People! The insurance companies sure do have a lot of power. Let’s work on getting the Peoples’ voices heard.

While President Obama was elected on the mantra of “Change”, will it happen?  There was that super-secret meeting with Washington DC with our Representatives and members from the Healthcare Insurance Corporate sector.  A national, universal healthcare – type of coverage would increase America’s security and safeguard the lives of all Americans – instead of just the poor or older people currently covered.  Isn’t it weird that the people who contribute the most into Medicare – working people (taken out of paychecks) don’t get coverage, and instead (may) pay into a private coverage plan that may or may not cover services that are needed.  Take a look at what the good doctor has to say.

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