Single Payer and Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NYC)

Here is an interesting clip about Single Payer healthcare. A single payer system would be great! It would be really nice to join the other developed industrial democracies. Go Rep. Anthony Weiner! Thank you for taking a stand. You rock! (The federal government and local governments do a really good job at providing police services, 911 services, roads – they’re great. Medicare does a really good job at insuring the other folks. We should have a public plan to cover all Americans.)

We need a public plan in the United States. I would contribute to it, instead of my private health insurance. Private health insurance is really doing a lot of damage to the United States by putting illogical, selfish, dangerous, overly emotional aspects into the national dialog. It would leave the United States very vulnerable if we do not have a public healthcare system that does not cover everyone.

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